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LEO, Firefighters, Teachers, Students Discounts

Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighers, full time Teachers, and full time Students, you’re in luck.  We salute your awesomeness with a 10% discount.  Valid on above plans.

*Qualifying Athletes

  • Active Duty Military (current/valid ID)
  • Active Duty Law Enforcement Officers (current/valid ID)
  • Active Duty Firefighters (current/valid ID)
  • Full-time Students (student must show current registration or tuition bill that shows full-time status)
  • Full-time Teachers (show pay stub or teaching ID)

If you qualify and are interested in registering, please email us and mention your qualification.

Family Discounts

We’re extending our discounted membership to people in the same family, all living under the same roof. Couples, parents and kids all qualify for 10% off each family member. Valid on above plans.

If you and a family member are interested in joining, please email us and mention your relationship.

$225/month Unlimited

  • Includes ALL Classes, ALL Open Box’s, ALL HERO WOD Sunday’s, ROM WOD’s
  • Why us?
  • Veteran owned and operated.
  • We are not a Globo Gym. We are family friendly.
  • We have fun.  Lots of fun. We are a community. We get in shape.  
  • We learn from each other. We learn about each other. We work hard.
  • We are not the cheapest. We are the best.  
  • We will get you results, guaranteed.  
  • If you don't get results, then we'll give you your money back. No questions.
  • We encourage you to check out other gyms and CrossFit's.  
  • Wha't Included:
  • Wodify - A state of the art Performance and Nutritional Tracking System at your fingertips.
  • Download the mobile app and have 24 hour access to all your information.
  • In Body Measurement - A complete body analysis is performed within the first week of your membership.    
  • New memberships are pro-rated for the 1st of the month.  Auto-billed on the 1st there after.
  • Cash Referral Program:  Refer a friend for any CrossFit membership and you get $75 cash.      

$215/month 16 Classes / Month

  • 4x / week recommendation

$200/month 12 Classes / Month

  • 3x / week recommendation

$175/month 8 Classes / Month

  • 2x / week recommendation

Punch Cards

If you’re looking for something a bit more flexible, we’ve got you covered.  Punches are good for any class but expire 3 months after purchase.

$250 – 10 Sessions 3 month expiration

  • Includes 3x week CrossFit Sweat/ Saturday CrossFit Fun

$150/month CrossFit Sweat HIIT