BootyFit ✪

BootyFit uses the same intensity and training methodology of CrossFit (it works, so why re-invent the wheel?), but without the dedicated heavy lifting or technical barbell lifts. Its main emphasis is on conditioning. Yes, it can still get you stronger, but we’re not honing in on increasing one repetition max strength.

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It’s a perfect match for the ladies who are intrigued by CrossFit and the results it achieves, but may be a little reluctant to hammer out heavy deadlifts and back squats as part of their normal training regimen.

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I hear of cases like this almost everyday from our athletes who have wives, girlfriends, co-workers, etc. who just can’t stomach the thought of CrossFit itself but want the same intensity. What a disservice it would be to that crowd not to offer an alternative fitness program that helps them get the same kick-ass results that CrossFit delivers. CrossFit Forest Hills BootyFit is the answer!

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